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Thursday Night Book Club -- December, 2017

The library's Thursday Night Book Club always meets on the third Thursday of the month. In December of 2017, the third Thursday fell four days before Christmas, on the winter solstice. So it was on a very dark and cold first night of winter that the Thursday Night Book Club met to discuss Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan.

Last Night at the Lobster takes place on December 20th, 2005, at a Red Lobster located at the far side of the fictional Willow Brook Mall in New Britain, Connecticut. As the title suggests, this particular Red Lobster will close at the end of the evening, a fact that is a secret from its patrons but about which its employees are all too keenly aware. The restaurant's manager, Manny DeLeon, along with four members of his staff, will start work at a nearby Olive Garden once the restaurant closes, but the rest of the staff have been laid off. Over the course of a long day and evening, Manny contends with a shortage of workers for the lunch shift, a…

Best Books of 2017

It's December. Every year, in December, the annual parade of "best of" lists begins. These lists come in every category: best movies, best shows, best restaurants, best trends, best places to visit, best memes, you name it. Naturally, of particular interest to me and other book lovers out there are the annual "best books" lists.

I watch for these lists every year, and I read them for several reasons. First, I want to see how many of my favorite books of the year made the cut. Second, I check to see if there are books on the lists that I missed hearing about when the books were first released. Third, I'm curious to see if there are books that show up consistently (rarely is there a book that appears on every list). And of course, as I've mentioned in this space before, I really like book lists.

As of this writing, 2017 best book lists are available from Amazon, BookPage, the New York Times (which also offers up a more generous list of 100 notables), the…