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North Main Book Nook -- Featured Author

And back to the North Main Book Nook we go!  Many blog posts ago, I wrote about the #Trending display.  If you visit the Book Nook, you'll notice that the #Trending display is housed in a tall, two-sided bookshelf set on an angle towards the back, near the Collaboratory.  On the other side of the #Trending shelves is a separate display, called Featured Author. Each month the shelves of the Featured Author display are filled with books written by one specific author.  In addition to the books, the top shelf of the display contains a brief biography of the featured author, along with a photo.

When North Main Book Nook opened, the featured author was Jane Smiley, who has written many best selling and award winning novels and also several works of non-fiction.
In May, the featured author was Agatha Christie. Wallingford Public Library owns so many books by the famous mystery writer that we did not have room on the display for all of them!  June's featured author has been Frederick Forsyth, and his books have been so popular that half of the shelves on the display are now empty.

You'll have to wait for a new month to find out who the July featured author is, but I guess it won't hurt to give you a little hint, in honor of the start of summer...


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